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OATH TO VANQUISH, Elias Abboud interview

Sunday, December 26, 2021, in Vidéo, Podcast

Interview de Elias Abboud, chanteur et guitariste de OATH OF VANQUISH, groupe de death/grind/black metal libanais, qui était l'invité le jeudi 08 janvier 2009 en direct dans le ZanZanA Metal Show animé par Karim Benamor et Wessim **W** Amara.

Questions : 
  • Bienvenue Elias Abboud
  • l'historique de Oath To Vanquish
  • Les premiers concerts de Oath To Vanquish
  • Y a t-il un public metal au Liban ?
  • Y a t-il aussi une scène metal au moyen orient ?
  • de l'utilisation de la langue arabe dans le Metal
  • incorporer des instruments folkloriques dans le Brutal Death Metal ?
  • Les groupes et artistes qui inspirent les Oath To Vanquish
  • Des contacts avec le Dubai Desert Rock?
  • Un second album en préparation
  • Merci Elias Abboud

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GUS MONSANTO interview after Adagio concert in Carthage

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Gus Monsanto, singer of Adagio, interview after the concert they made on March 24, 2006 in Carthage (Tunisia) in the Festival Méditerranéen de la Guitare.

Questions : 
  • First impression of Gus Monsanto about Tunisian metal scene
  • Did you ever felt this before on stage ?
  • How do you work with Adagio while living in Brazil?
  • About Rolling Stones concert in Rio
  • About singing on the same stage with Robert Plant

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ROBERT PLANT interview

Saturday, November 20, 2021, in Vidéo, Podcast

Robert Plant interview about music, inspiration, rhythms, north Africa, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin...
Robert Plant came to Tunisia in March 2006 and made a concert with his band The Mighty Sensation in the roman theater of Cartago for the Festival Méditerranéen de la Guitare.

Questions : 
  • Why Robert Plant wanted to come sing in Tunisia after previous concerts in Egypt and Morocco?
  • Using North African rhythms in your music is it trying to find a new way for expression?
  • The contribution of Justin Adams in the mix between Rock and North African rhythms?
  • Playing in Cartago theater but also in Timbuktu... Do you like to play in unusual places?
  • Do you feel like Robert Smith says : too old to be alternative and too alternative to be old?
  • How do you choose your guitar players like Justin Adams after having played with Jimmy Page ?
  • How Robert Plant see the actual metal scene?

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SEETHER interview with Dale Stewart

Saturday, November 20, 2021, in Vidéo, Podcast

Nobody did this interview before!
SEETHER interview with Dale Stewart about Metal in home country of South Africa and metal debut.
This interview about the South African rock superstars Seether was recorded by Karim Benamor backstage of Paris Download Festival in 2018

Questions : 
  • Dale Stewart: a southern African interviewed by a north African
  • how was difficult for a pretorian band to join the business
  • was there a metal scene in South Africa when you began?
  • How was the reaction in South Africa when Seethers reached success?
  • The reaction of South African fans when Seether played a concert there in 2018
  • South Africa has so much to offer!
  • Corruption rocks in every part of Africa!
  • Will you help South African bands by creating a label?

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TEMPERANCE Marco Pastorino quote about Diamanti

Sunday, October 24, 2021

"The differences between Diamanti and the previous albums is about the melodies 

Some tracks are more oriented pop but of course we have some big metal anthems again"

Marco Pastorino (Temperance)

ZanZanA Metal Interviews :

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