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NOVELISTS release 'The Lichtenberg Figure' lyric video

Friday, October 09, 2015, in Albums, Vidéo, News

Up and coming modern progressive metal outfit NOVELISTS have released the official lyric video for their brand new single, 'The Lichtenberg Figure'. Surf to

The song comes off the band's eagerly awaited debut album, »Souvenirs«, on November 6, 2015 via Arising Empire.

»Souvenirs« is now available for pre-order from this location:

Also watch the music video for 'Voyager' at this location: 

Recently the band released a guitar play through video for their current single, 'Gravity': 

Check out the music video for 'Gravity' at this location: 

»Souvenirs« was mixed and mastered under the masterful watch of NOVELISTS bass player Nicolas Delestrade (BETRAYING THE MARTYRS) at NDSE Recordings and will feature guest appearances by Pierre Danel (KADINJA), Lotti Holz and Plini Roessler-Holgate (PLINI). Find the cover artwork created by the band's gifted guitarist, Charly Kelevra, below.

NOVELISTS will be touring heavily in support of their upcoming debut release. Scroll down for a full list of current live shows. More dates to be announced soon.

»Souvenirs« will be released in a lavish digipak including 2 bonus tracks and will contain the following tracks:

1. Inanimate 
2. Earth Grazer 
3. Gravity 
4. Antares 
5. Ouroboros 
6. Black Lights 
7. Voyager 
8. Muchos Touché 
9. Echoes feat. Pierre Danel
10. 5:12 AM feat. Plini Roessler-Holgate & Lotti Holz
11. The Lichtenberg Figure 
12. Souvenirs
+ 2 Bonus Tracks

07.10.    DE    Wiesbaden               - Schlachthof
08.10.    DE    Köln                          - MTC
09.10.    LU    Luxembourg             - Rockbox
10.10.    FR    Lyon                         - Peniche La Marquise
11.10.    DE    Stuttgart                   - Kellerklub
12.10.    DE    Schweinfurt              - Alter Stattbahnhof
13.10.    CH    Zürich                       - Dynamo
15.10.    DE    Dresden                    - Scheune
16.10.    AT    Wien                          - 3 Raum – Arena
17.10.    DE    München                   - Backstage Club
30.10.    UK    Bridgend                   - Hobos
31.10.    UK    Leeds                        - Milo Bar
01.11.    UK    London                       - The Black Heart
02.11.    UK    Sheffield                     - Corporation
03.11.    UK    Newcastle                   - Trillians
04.11.    UK    Stoke On Trent           - Bunker 13

Matt Gelsomino - vocals
Florestan Durand - guitar
Amael Durand - drums
Charly Kelevra - guitar
Nicolas Delestrade - bass

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ZanZanA MetaL WebRadiO - nouvelles applications mobiles

Saturday, April 25, 2015, in News

Vous vous rappelez de la ZanZanA, l’émission de Rock et de Metal qui était diffusée tous les jeudi soirs sur RTCI ? Même si cette émission n’est plus diffusée sur RTCI, les nostalgiques de la ZanZanA ont gardé le contact via la webradio qui diffuse toute la journée durant.

En plus de la diffusion via son site web ( et via iTunes, la ZanZanA MetaL WebRadiO est désormais mobile avec une application multiplateformes : Android, iOs, Black Berry et bientôt sous Windows Phone.

La ZanZanA WebRadio a une moyenne quotidienne de 171 heures d’écoute cumulée. Elle a cumulé sur les 30 derniers jours  22.000 accès provenant nous seulement de la Tunisie mais aussi d’Ukraine, d’Italie, de France, des USA, d’Autriche ou du Japon. 

ZanZanA est une émission de Rock et de Métal qui était diffusée tous les jeudi soirs sur la radio RTCI. Elle a été déprogrammée en 2009. Mais les fans de ZanZanA ont gardé le contact grâce à une webradio lancée spécialement pour ce type de musique en 2008. Au départ, cette Webradio voulait être, en fait, une continuité de l'émission hebdomadaire et un accompagnement du forum qui regroupait alors la communauté Métal en Tunisie.

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Keep Of Kalessin - Epistemology

Thursday, January 29, 2015 - Posted by Indie Recordings, in Albums, News

It has been five years since their last offering, and now 2 times Norwegian Grammy Nominee; Keep Of Kalessin, is ready to be unleashed once again. 2015 sees the critically acclaimed Norwegian outfit as a trio. The undisputable power of these three musical craftsmen reflects perfectly on the band’s most diverse recording to date; Epistemology. 

At its zenith, as grandiose as a battle scene in a Peter Jackson movie with fire breathing dragons and treacherous mountains draped in guitars and drums of doom. The album also exhibit what a genuine guitar virtuoso Obsidian C truly is. From jaw dropping rifforama and astonishing guitar solos, to smooth melodic passages colored in beautiful warm guitar tones. Backed with military precision, by two of the most potent musicians this long stretched coastline has to offer, Keep Of Kalessin anno 2015 is heading out for greatness!

Known for breaking new ground, Keep Of Kalessin does it again! Norway’s has more than once been under fire for breaking the rules of metal. But with a strong vision of “no boundaries” the powerful trio pushes on unaffected by storms and challenges, and has over the years gained a list of merits matched by few of their peers. This includes #2 on the official Norwegian sales charts, #3 in Norwegian Eurovision and 2 Norwegian Grammy award nominations, as well as countless top reviews and hundreds of shows all across the world. Their innovative unique style and technical skills, has gained the band great respect amongst journalists and awarded Keep Of Kalessin an ever growing fanbase of followers around the globe. It has been 5 years since the last full-length, but Keep is now finally ready with a new album. And what an album it is! With this monster of Epic Extreme Metal, the band it really stepping up their game. It is a diverse album that takes everything we love from 80’s heavy metal, thrash, death and black metal into one pot and mixes it perfectly to create an album that is epic and extreme, brutal and beautiful and an album that anyone into metal will find entertaining and empowering! As a new trio, guitarist and now also lead singer and front man Obsidian C. does a remarkable job at handling technical guitar riffs as well as doing all different vocal styles with a more powerful expression than his predecessor. There is no doubt that Keep Of Kalessin 2015 is going to be better than ever! Be prepared to bow for “the world’s most powerful powertrio” on February 16th 2015!

Epistemology to be released in 2015 via Indie Recordings on the 16th of February!

Track list
  • 01. Cosmic Revelation (Intro)
  • 02. The Spiritual Relief
  • 03. Dark Divinity
  • 04. The Grand Design
  • 05. Necropolis
  • 06. Universal Core
  • 07. Introspection
  • 08. Epistemology
Bonus Tracks
  • 01. Anima Mundi* (guest vocals Attila Csihar of Mayhem)
  • 02. Novae Ruptis*.
  • * Bonus tracks on digipak version only.
Keep Of Kalessin is
  • Obsidian C. - Vocals, Guitars, Compositions 
  • Wizziac - Bass, 
  • Backing Vocals 
  • Vyl – Drums
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The Damned - Another Live Album From The Damned...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - Posted by Southworld Recordings, in Albums, News

A new unreleased live album from Punk stalwarts the Damned! Taken from The Manchester Academy from the 2010 UK tour. This brilliant quality live recording comes as part of the bands "Graveyard Chronicles" series exploring the bands unreleased and rare recordings. This set captures some of your Damned favourites plus tracks rarely seen on a Damned set list...its been a while since they played Fish! Play it at your sister!

  • 01. Wait For The Blackout
  • 02. Disco Man
  • 03. I Just Cant Be Happy Today
  • 04. Perfect Sunday
  • 05. Thrill Kill
  • 06. Love Song
  • 07. Neverland
  • 08. Gun Fury
  • 09. Eloise
  • 10. Limit Club
  • 11.
  • 12. New Rose
  • 13. Fish
  • 14. Bad Time For Bonzo
  • 15. Shadow Of Love
  • 16. Neat Neat Neat
  • 17. Stretcher Case
  • 18. Fan Club
  • 19. Satisfy You
  • 20. Thanks For The Night
  • 21. Smash It Up
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Colossus - Breathing World

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - Posted by Sound Pollution, in Albums, News

Stockholm sludge trio Colossus delivers a technical yet catchy groove with equal parts brains and heart. With their headstrong, playful and completely uncompromising music, the band have created their own personal path through the heavier rock terrain and won over the underground and critics alike. EP Spiritual Myiasis and fullength debut Wake was received with unanimous praise and after a string of intensive live shows in clubs and festivals all around Sweden and Europe the band have managed to stake out their territory and is predicted a bright future. The band follows their success with their most ambitious and personal release yet in


The Breathing World. Recorded in Big Island Sounds together with producer Tom van Heesch (Rammstein, Michael Monroe, Backyard Babies) the album takes off where Wake ended and follows the protagonists crooked journey to clarity in a surreal and mysterious but deeply human world. With a heavier production, more experimention and esoteric song structures the band sounds more confident than ever before and delivers a mature and coherent piece that will captivate old fans and attract many new listeners.


Quotes from Wake:
  • "Here's a band which does not reuse but reinvents. Write down this name because, chances are, most of you will feel compelled to add it to your top-something lists at the end of this year." - 4/5 ANGRY METAL GUY
  • "Intelligent, exploratory and completely focused. This might be the most progressive release within the genre. Truly colossal music." - 8/10 SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE
  • "One of the most memorable, intense and compelling works of the current heavy rock decade.-9.5/10 POWERMETAL.DE
  • "Think the might of Mastodon infused with the rhythmic and hypnotic esotery of Tool and the progressive aspects of Opeth transformed it into something that is their own." - 8/10 THE MIDLAND ROCKS

  • 01. Yehi Aour - Wanderers
  • 02. Darkling Root
  • 03. Plumed Serpent
  • 04. Virgin's Milk
  • 05. Fuga Mundi
  • 06. Whetstone
  • 07. The Silent City
  • Niklas Eriksson - Vocals & Guitars
  • Peter Berg - Bass
  • Thomas Norstedt - Drums

  • Spiritual Myiasis - 2011
  • Wake - 2013

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