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ZanZanA MetaL WebRadiO

in noise we trust...


24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, The Greatest Rock Of All Time!
Heavy Metal Rock Radio: heavy metal, hard rock, gothic, melodic, rock, speed, power, epic, thrash, ballads, black, death, thrash, hardcore...  


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ZanZanA MetaL WebRadiO
in noise we trust...

We play all the music, via Radionomy. Royalties are paid through an agreement with SABAM.

Radionomy take care of all costs, including royalties. Radionomy pays copyright related to the content broadcast on ZanZanA MeTaL WebRadiO to a collective copyright management society. For the payment of its copyright in Europe, Radionomy has chosen SABAM. Radionomy is free to work with a collective copyright management society other than SABAM. SABAM, for its part, has agreements with other European collective copyright management societies such as SACEM in France. Radionomy alone makes the declarations and pays the remuneration of copyright and related rights associated with the broadcasting.  


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  • ZanZanA WebRadiO finance
    les droits d'auteur à la SABAM,
    de ce fait la diffusion
    de cette radio est légale.
  • Contact : zanzana[dot]webradio{at]gmail[dot]com

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